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Bill Nemo
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Thursday, December 12th, 2013
7:17 pm
In a relational world, the ultimate skill is the ability to relate; to form relationships. I sit in the yard, bathed by the cool wind, and I watch the trees. I watch the sky. I watch the hawk and the squirrel. I see how they interconnect; how they interpenetrate. I see in their relationships a chain through time to the first things.
7:12 pm
Who is the terrorist here?
A wedding day should be a happy day, not a bloodbath. The pox on this so called war on terror. The only terrorist i see here is the US.

7:11 pm
Tree murder
Without warning a tree cutting crew showed up today. We lease this house, and I knew they would be trimming limbs soon, but they arrived unannounced and removed the oldest oak from the back yard. It was a sick tree, so fair enough, but i was not aware they would be doing it and there was no preparation. The crew has been nothing but disrespectful. They left their lunch trash in the yard, they didn't secure the gates when they left, and they didn't warn me that they would be blocking off the driveway for hours.

The yard also smells of tree-death. Don't scoff. There is a definite smell when a sick and dying tree is brought down.

The yard looks like a moonscape from the trucks and machinery needed to take down the oak. It's an ugliness that only mankind can so easily produce.

Their are consequences to this. That tree harbored many lifeforms. Squirrel and bird nest being the most obvious. The yard is restless....angry.
Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
10:22 am
Cogita Tibi
My good friend Ian made this comment today, "Quality comes from being self-directed". I'd add to this that mediocrity is the price we pay for giving a shit what other people think. You have to think for yourself and risk being wrong to have the adventure. That's why it's an adventure...because it is Terra Incognito and you might run into dragons. So, be self-directed. You'll make mistakes, but you won't find your true will or bliss by letting someone else direct you thoughts and opinions. Cogita tibi. You can listen to what others have to say about the path before you, and you can heed their advice, but ultimately you will need to trust the one who makes the grass green, not them.
9:03 am
The Scarlet Woman
A short documentary on the exquisite Marjorie Cameron.

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
10:08 am
Occult rock stars
From time to time I hear of someone described as a "rising star in the occult world." Is there such a thing? And why is there such a thing? It seems these days occultist judge each other by whether or not they have written a book on the subject. Mind you, if Universe is telling you to write a book, then by all means, but it isn't a prereq to attainment. Oh, and for my friends who keep pushing me to jump on the bandwagon, when and if it becomes obvious that I should write a book, then I will, but not a moment sooner. The field is littered with re-hashed material, and I prefer to spend my time frolicking in the woods and glades like Calvin and Hobbes, enjoying myself while I fulfill my true will, make some clumsy attempt at stabilizing rigpa or find the Tao or whatever metaphor floats your boat. Transabyssal-consciousness keeps me quite busy, thank you very much..
Saturday, August 10th, 2013
8:11 am
Dolphins and enthogens.
Alobar's post on Dolphins got me to thinking. Is it ethical to give an alien intelligence LSD without first gaining their consent? Was Dr. Lilly considering this when he tripped with Dolphins? I have always stood by Leary's two “new commandments for the molecular age”:

Thou shalt not alter the consciousness of thy fellow men.
Thou shalt not prevent thy fellow man from changing his or her own consciousness.

I think it would be groovy to trip with Dolphins. Well some Dolphins. I've read enough stories about Dolphin interspecis rape and murder to know that, like humans, not all Dolphins are gonna be the sorts of intelligences I'd want to trip with.
Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
8:51 am
I've seen this happen several times...
"Surely there is not, cannot be, any better proof of imagination confused with real experience, than something which happened to me during a tour of holy places in the Middle East.

I was with a party of very devout people belonging to a certain faith, we need not say which one. They were visiting places reputed for their spiritual history and atmosphere, mostly belonging to another religious tradition.

Their guide was new to the job. To help matters, he read in detail from a Michelin guide as we went from place to place. 'Here martyrs were killed.... Here is the site of the cell of a certain holy monk .... Here such-and-such a person had a holy vision ....'

Every single time the devotees stood respectfully, showing every sign of appreciating the deep spiritual feelings which suffused the places ....

Then, one day, we were taken to a site where the guide read out about the horrors which had been perpetrated there, how a certain tyrant had murdered scores of good men of God, and how the whole area was reputed to be cursed. All shivered and eagerly discussed how they felt the 'very essence of evil' surrounding them.

They were still exchanging accounts of their own bloodcurdling experiences at the hotel that evening when the guide shamefacedly called us together in the foyer and admitted that he had been mistakenly reading from the wrong page. In spite of the 'very essence of evil' which all had experienced, we had in fact been standing in the middle of a burial-place of saints ...."

~ Idries Shah
Saturday, June 29th, 2013
11:34 am
Is it just me, or does it seem like the entire food and beverage industry has suddenly been taken over by villains who sit around twirling their mustaches like Snidely Whiplash while laughing maniacally?
Thursday, June 27th, 2013
11:26 am
How nice to seek boys dressed up like a paramilitary, marching in lockstep and repeating slogans and propaganda...wait. What?


Now where have I seen film footage a war criminal conditioning youthful members of society to follow his doctrines before?? Think..think. Oh, it sounds like Hirtler, hortler, hootler...it will come to me.
Tuesday, June 25th, 2013
3:28 pm
I need a t-shirt that says: "I crossed the abyss and all I got was this stupid pyramid made of ashes."
2:41 pm
It helps to remember.
Most people with a descent liberal arts education have been introduced, via an introductory humanities or anthropology class, to the way cultures assemble belief systems and reality tunnels. They "know" that cultures - and individuals - assemble models of the world we perceive, and that those models are not literally true. No 100% yes or no; true or false. we live in a maybe universe, as Bob Wilson might say. Or, as Korzybski said, "The map is not the territory." Yet....

I have never known anyone - ANYONE - who did not think their peer group was the smart one...the correct one. Think of who you hang out with in meat space and online. How often do you go on and on about how wrong everyone elses ideas are and how much more correct your groups ideas are? I'm not talking about all those "other folks". I'm talking about you....and me. We do this. You...and me. We routinely ignore the reality of a universe full of maybes and act as if we "know" with complete certainty that we have the correct answers. We don't. At best we have approximate answers, and at worst, we are just full of crap.

By all the pot bellied Buddhas in Burma, take this seriously. If you think you have the only answers, you are probably full of crapola.
2:38 pm
Where is my Lady Vivamus?
"What did I want? I wanted the hurtling moons of Barsoom. I wanted Storisende and Poictesme, and Holmes shaking me awake to tell me, "The games' afoot!" I wanted to float down the Mississippi on a raft and elude a mob in company with the Duke of Bilgewater and the Lost Dauphin. I wanted Prester John and Excalibur held by a moon-white arm out of a silent lake. I wanted to sail with Ulysses and with Tros of Samothrace and eat the lotus in a land that seemed always afternoon. I wanted the feeling of romance and the sense of wonder I had known as a kid. I wanted the world to be what they had promised me it was going to be -- instead of the tawdry, lousy, fouled-up mess it is."
~ Glory Road
2:27 pm
Certitude or Cosmic Schmuckery
I am always amazed by people who who are absolutely certain that they know what the hell is going in the Cosmos. It does not compute. I cannot grok them. I am usually stupefied by the grandness of the Cosmos. Smitten by it. Discombobulated. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Sure, I have my suspicions? But certitude? Jeez! I remember a funny made by Woody Allen (who I am not normally a fan of but I cut him slack for this one) that sums up how I feel about it:

"Can we actually "know" the universe? My God, it's hard enough finding your way around in Chinatown."
Monday, November 26th, 2012
1:11 pm

Why, yes. Virginia. He IS a democrat. did you think all Dominionist Theocrats were republicans? Guess again.
Monday, November 19th, 2012
3:53 pm
Dispatch from O.'.A.'.M.'.
Brain change fun from the O.'.A.'.M.'., approved for release by the current Master of the Temple, Colonel Hank, Black Avenger Of the Spanish Main and Keeper of the Sacred Lore of Skartaris, and brazenly borrowed from various Intelligence Agents operating in the Sol 3 datasphere over the last century...

How to Change Your Nervous System for Fun and Prophet:

There are several symbolic systems that attribute the images of the Tarot Trumps to the chakra system. Here is one of them (summary only - the Order wasn't put on this earth to do all the work for you. Figure the details out on your own.).

There are 22 cards in the Tarot Trumps. The first, known as the Fool, represents undifferentiated consciousness and won't be used at first. The remaining 21 will be divided into three sets of seven. The groupings represent:

Manifested Forces (cards 21-15)
Operating Agencies (cards 14-8)
Operating Principles (cards 7-1)

Starting with the last card, The World (or Universe in the Thoth deck), cards 21-15 each correspond with a chakra, with the World card representing the root chakra. Card 14, Temperance (or Art), begins the cycle again at the root chakra, and likewise again with the Chariot.

The technique: after working through a set of tension busting exercises and studying the World Card, you and your partner will use the card as a focus of "tantric" meditation as you both bring each other, slowly, to sexual climax, focusing on the card and on opening the root chakra as you reach orgasm. This is repeated for each card and the appropriate chakra. One may think of symbols or God forms related to the card to make this even easier to do. For example, the Hanged Man (card 12 and an operating agency) of chakra #3 might be meditated upon by visualizing Odin and his self-sacrifice on the Windy Tree.

When you have gone through them all, exploring the symbolism and opening the chakras, you can do the final card, The Fool, but this requires slightly different instructions. If you get the urge to try any of this, tell me and I will give you the instructions.

There is another way to attribute the cards. It relates more to 8 Circuit theory. In that scenario, the cards are attributed as follows: Starting with the Fool, each three cards is attributed to one circuit. Thus, the Fool, Magician, and High Priestess would represent the three stages of absorption, integration, and transmission of your Bio-Survival imprints, or first circuit. The next three cards symbolically represent the Emotional-territorial imprints of the second circuit, and so on. The final circuit is represented by the World/Universe card. I won't belabor the method of using them because it should, at this point, be self-evident.

If you just can't get this whole tarot thing, there are several other systems that stand in nicely. Examples: The Eight Trigrams of the I-Ching will map to the circuits. So will the Futhark runes. The latter is so powerful, in fact, that I will say no more less you go off and turn yourself into a god or some such.
Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
1:25 pm
1:03 pm
The shape of things to come...
Fifteen people arrested in Athens say they were subjected to what their lawyer describes as an Abu Ghraib-style humiliation

Friday, October 26th, 2012
11:24 pm
11:19 pm
Every election season, I have a few tokes and reflect on this as people head out to vote...the essence of every campaign seems to boil down to some loud monkey screaming "IT'S ALL HIS FAULT!", or, sometimes "LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" It gets hard after awhile to differentiate between the debates and a Laurel and Hardy short film.

"Domesticated primates, like wild primates, want chiefly an alpha male to lead them. The more closely this figure approximates the primordial archetype -i.e., the meanest-tempered baboon in the herd- the more fervently the other primates will follow him. (This explains the otherwise inexplicable elevation to power of distinctly subhuman types, e.g., Mussolini, Nixon, Hitler, Stalin. The primate logic is "If he's that baaaaad"-in the sense in which baaaad is used in Black ghetto argot- "he'll scare hell out of competing primate bands")

After finding an alpha male to lead them, domesticated primates then seek a scapegoat on whom to blame their troubles. They do so because solving problems requires intelligence, and there is still more stupidity then intelligence on this planet. Domesticated primates are not optimistic about solving their problems, which seem hopeless in their confused state, midway between mammalian reflexes and objective consciousness. It is easier, to a stupid mind, to find somebody else to blame for problems.

The chief function of the alpha male in a domesticated primate pack is to find, denounce, and lead the persecution of such scapegoats, internal and external."
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