bill_nemo (nemo_49) wrote,

Hide and Seek

I try not to judge since it is possible that someone is, like the two birds in the Upanishads, both watching and playing. Doubtful, but you never know. Many are the ways God plays hide and seek with God. As an example, I (and you) occasionally get playful and chatter about what's wrong in the world....but we all know that there is nothing wrong. Everything toots along just fine. If humans destroy themselves, well, that was part of the story and we (the species) played it admirably. I don't wring my hands over how the cosmos tells the story. I just play the part as the director ask me to play it. I have long since let go of the tiller and let it do the driving.

I tend to take a Sufi type approach to this. No need for anyone to know how I am really experiencing the cosmos or god. I wear the old ego-suit I was given when I started this performance to avoid agitating the natives in Maya's Playhouse. If they mistake this character for being a dual based consciousness, then good. All is as it should be and I am still playing hide and seek as intended.
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