bill_nemo (nemo_49) wrote,

One monkey at a time

"The aim of the Illuminati (ed: or Invisible college or what ever you like to call it), was not political in the narrow sense, but psycho-neurological: they aimed to open the ecstasy circuit, making the "sun behind the sun", the God Within, perceptible to humanity as a whole. The aim was not overthrow authority, but to outgrow it. To liberate people one at a time."
~ R.A.W.

Many of my "magician" colleagues deny the existence of such a conspiracy. This amuses me, because almost all of them, while denying that there are any secret societies that teach sex magic and tantric self-liberation techniques, belong to secretive groups like the A:.A:., G:.D:., O.T.O., Tibetan Tantric schools, Daoist Alchemy schools, etc., all of which aim at liberating people one at a time by teaching them sex magic and tantric self-liberation techniques. They also deny that such knowledge can be, and may have been, gleaned from higher intelligences. Again, they make this denial while pursuing practices of contacting and communing with higher intelligences. It's as if they don't see that they are themselves, to use Alobar's phrasing, the "Secret Agent's of the Great Work."
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